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Dazed by rhetoric, sounds bites, and  confusing messages?
Figuring out what is going on can be done: by learning to ask better, deeper, sharper questions.
Yet, no one teaches us how to ask – what exactly to ask, whom and what to question. Here is a simple guide.
No one teaches us how to ask Questions. Everyone is constantly focused on our answers.


Opinions are not facts. Don’t use them as such. Opinions are personal, they make everything personal, and shut out nuanced views. Try to probe for any unconsciously known facts that may be hiding behind an expressed opinion. If not there, rethink your position.
  • “I think this will be a great, large market for us”
  • “I think Jim will make a great VP”
  • “We cannot withhold the bonus from the engineering team this year”
  • “Our shipping costs are killing us”