Got one of those nonstop-firing brains? Do this.


My brain seems to be going a million miles an hour, every hour. It is constantly busy. I cannot find peace, it bothers me.

Is there a way to stop this? Is it any good anyway?

The good news is, the answer is yes. There is a way. The bad news is that it takes work. Effort. Until you make it a habit (See here about habits).

  • My brain is firing constantly because that is what brains do. It’s a muscle.
  • What I am really after though, is some relief. A destination. Some point where there is meaning, not noise.

A useful brain is a disciplined brain. The other kind is just torture.

So do this:

  • Stop.
  • Capture what your brain is thinking about.
  • Then, ask yourself the Question: What is the issue I am trying to resolve? What decision do I need to make?
  • Formulate the question around the decision you need to make. Make it a Quality Question. [See here].
  • After that, every time you catch your brain spinning mindlessly (!), bring it back to the Question. e.g. brain keeps swishing around these thoughts about your backyard fence that needs fixing? Formulate the question / decision you need to make: Of the 3 options I have for fixing the fence, is there one that fits my budget, time, and aesthetics? It is like a meditation practice.
  • Then, focus your brain on getting the data you need: Call Joe to get an estimate for re-painting; call Nancy for a contractor referral to get it replaced; do a search online for looks and configurations you like. The end.
To be productive, the brain needs management. Otherwise, it keeps playing its endless electrochemical games

(Yes, there is a place for a free-spinning brain, but it’s not 24/7. Sleep is a good time to let it loose, and you have leisure time for that too.).

Marina K
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