The quality of our life

depends on

The Questions We Ask.


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Creating clarity in our own thinking is the foundation of decisions we can feel confident about. We have techniques and tools to do that. It’s easy and fun, and it blurs and lines between ‘rational’ and ’emotional’! Cool!

There is so much that we know today about how we really learn! If you regret all the time you sat in school listening to stuff you no longer remember, check this out, and see how you can learn anew how to learn!

All our other ideas seems to be recycling similar themes forever – philosophy, politics, religion. Yet Science is always marching on. New discoveries are enlightening us every day. The mysteries unfold, one by one, new riddles are solved. Magic really lives here. Explore!

Business is exciting because it is always changing. But our ways of teaching are mostly stuck in the medieval  times. Now project-based, deep experiential learning can revolutionize value in the age of freely available, virtual information!

Social attitudes often change with unpredictable speed or intensity. Following them is not just a matter of curiosity, but more an issue of responsibility, and sometimes, of survival. And, if we stir up that tingle of risk or excitement, it becomes an opportunity to lead, not just follow them. Join something!

 Questions matter.